Bow River Lace
50g / 418 yds
Bow River Lace is a 100% alpaca 2-ply yarn from a small, family-owned farm in Alberta. It is wonderfully soft and lofty, and knits up with a beautiful drape, especially on larger needles. The base takes dye stunningly, with a semi-solid effect. The yarn is soft enough to wear against even the most sensitive skin.
Grand River Sock
120g / 408 yds
Our sock yarn is a soft, durable blend of wool and mohair. Although nylon is often used in socks to ensure long wear-ability, mohair is an excellent natural alternative.
The wool used is a blend of Coopworth and Dorset breeds, raised on Amherst Island in Ontario. Coopworth fleece is very lustrous with long locks, increasing the durability of the wool. Dorset wool is known for its softness and loft, which allows the knitted garment to trap in warmth. The mohair is from Angora goats from a farm in Elora. The yarn is spun at the mill on location at the farm in Elora.
These unique fibres combine to make a beautiful yarn with a natural shine. It is durable enough for socks and soft enough to wear against the skin.
Mill Cove Aran
115g / 175 yds
Our aran weight yarn is a warm blend of wools sourced from and milled in Bloomfield, Prince Edward Island. The yarn has a rustic texture which softens and blooms beautifully after washing, giving finished projects a lovely drape with durability. The mill is family-owned and has been operating for over 100 years, and continues to use some of the same equipment and techniques used throughout the twentieth century.
Note: Prior to October 2015, this base was sold under our "worsted" label. To better reflect the knitting gauge and thanks to your feedback, we have relabeled it.
Salt Spring Super Bulky
100g / 40yds
Salt Spring Super Bulky is a beautifully soft, naturally two-toned yarn. The finished yarn is a softspun, thick and thin blend of north country cheviot wool, alpaca, and mohair sourced from small farms in British Columbia and milled on Salt Spring Island. At this gauge, 40 yards goes a long way, and one skein is enough to make a hat, cowl, or headband.
Bluff Point Roving

57g bags (2oz)
100% Canadian Wool
Border Cheviot and Suffolk
Sourced from Amherst Island, Ontario
This roving is the result of careful selection of breeds from a flock of sheep on Amherst Island. Border cheviot, a Scottish breed which has a long history in Canada and is prized specifically for its fleece, is a wool with a long staple, lending strength and lustrousness to the fibre. Suffolk is a wool with a slightly shorter staple whose dense, fine wool adds warmth to this blend. The wool is soft but very strong, with a long staple and lots of crimp.
Our roving is lightly processed, and thus has more variation in thickness/draft amount than commercially prepared rovings. We choose not to process it further to give you the most flexibility- it can be used for needle felting, thrumming, spun directly from the roving, or carded for a smoother texture. If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail.