Will the colour of the yarn be exactly the same as in the photos?
Due to the nature of hand dyeing with natural dyes, each skein is completely unique. Even skeins from the same dyelot (dyed in the same pot) can vary.
If you order multiple skeins of the same colour, I will fill your order from similar skeins of the same dyelot whenever possible.
Please contact me (kylie@agrestalyarn.com) if you have any concerns or questions about multiple skein orders or the colour variations of particular colourways.
Some colour came out of my yarn or project when I washed it or rubbed off on my needles. Is my yarn fading? Should I be concerned?
Small amounts of dye "bleeding" are possible and completely normal for hand-dyed yarns, especially those dyed using natural dyes. This is called crocking and is particularily likely when using a yarn dyed with a "heavy" or "sticky" dye (in our case, this includes reds, oranges, and yellows especially). I set all dyes using an acid and detergent, and test each skein for colourfastness before shipping it.
After finishing your project, I recommend hand washing it in lukewarm water using wool wash (such as Soak or Eucalan) or mild laundry detergent. Try not to agitate it too much, as this may cause felting. Instead, gently squeeze your project to fully submerge it, then let it sit for 15 minutes before rinsing. Although the water may look lightly coloured, this is simply excess dye and will not affect the colour of the yarn. If you are still concerned, you can add 1/4 cup of vinegar to the washbath.
If your yarn seems to bleed or transfer dye excessively, please contact me (kylie@agrestalyarn.com) so I can help.
Is yarn ready to ship or do I have to wait for you to dye it?
All yarns listed in the shop as "in stock" are already dyed and ready to ship.
If you'd like a large quantity of a colourway or would like to order a colourway or base that is currently out of stock, please send me an e-mail to discuss the option of a custom-dyed batch.
Why natural dyes?
Natural dyes create beautiful colours, but that's not the only reason I chose them. The manufacture of synthetic dyes and the byproducts from this process are increasingly polluting the environment and polluting drinkable water supplies in areas near factories. In 2012, the UN named synthetic dye production as one of the top 10 polluting manufacturing processes. Since plants can be used to create beautiful colours at a significantly lower environmental cost, botanical dyes were an obvious choice for Agrestal.
Why Canadian yarn?
 I chose to dye only Canadian sourced and milled yarn for Agrestal to support local farmers and businesses and to maintain control over the specific breeds and blends used. Although many independent yarn dyers in Canada use wool that is milled in the Toronto area, this wool is often sourced from New Zealand, where the increasingly large yarn production industry has made it difficult to fully understand the contents of the wool produced and the living conditions of the animals involved.
Instead, I work with individual farms and mills to ensure both equitable treatment of people and animals and high quality yarn. Our worsted weight yarn is sourced and milled on Prince Edward Island, and our fingering weight yarn is blend containing wool from a farm on Amherst Island, Ontario, and mohair from Angora goats in Elora, Ontario. Further details about the source of our yarn is available on the bases page.
I ship orders within 2 business days of receiving them. This time is in addition to shipping estimates quoted below.
We ship via Canada Post and try our hardest to keep shipping costs at a minimum. Shipping is always free for orders above $100 (Canada) and $120 (United States).
Domestic shipping usually takes 2-9 business days depending on location. We ship from Toronto, Ontario, and packages will arrive most quickly to nearby urban centres. Canada post provides a tracking number with domestic orders which will be provided to you upon shipment.
International shipping (including United States) is done via Canada Post's Small Packet Air program and usually arrives in 6-10 business days. Unfortunately packages can take longer to arrive if they are held up at customs entering your country. We ship via airmail to avoid long waits for your yarn. Shipping to the United States is flat rate based on your total order cost. Shipping outside of North America is calculated based on weight up to 1kg (9-10 skeins). Please contact me if you live outside continental North America and would like to place a larger order and I can prepare a shipping quote for you.
Orders placed from outside of Canada may be subject to taxes, duty, and other fees set by your country of residence. You are responsible for any such additional fees.
Rush shipping and international tracking are available at an additional cost. Please contact me before placing your order if you are interested in either of these options.
If you live in the GTA and would like to pick up your order in person, please select the "local pickup" option at checkout and contact me (kylie@agrestalyarn.com) after placing your order. There is no shipping or handling charge for orders picked up in person. I don't have studio hours, so pickup is by appointment only, but I am more than happy to arrange a mutually convenient time for you to pick up your order. The pickup location is just north of downtown in Humewood-Cedarvale, and is located minutes from the subway and from several bus and streetcar routes.